Pattern Stand - Blue

Pattern Stand - Blue


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Elevate your crafting experience with the Pattern Stand from Purple Hobbies LLC. This innovative stand ensures your patterns remain accessible and clearly visible, streamlining your crafting process and maximizing your productivity. Designed to hold patterns at a slight angle, you'll find reading both landscape and portrait patterns a breeze. With its unique ability to declutter your workspace by holding patterns upright, you'll have more room to focus on your project. And, its versatility doesn't stop at crafts; you can also use it in the kitchen to keep your printed recipes within arm's reach. Built with high-quality plastic and metal, the weighted base provides stability, ensuring your patterns stay in place. Plus, its refreshing blue shade is sure to brighten up any workspace.


  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Size: 1-3/4in x 1-3/4in
  • Use: Holding Patterns Upright

Color: Blue

Enhance your crafting, sewing, or cooking sessions with the Pattern Stand by Purple Hobbies LLC.