Sewing Sewcial

Sewing Sewcial

Official Sewing Sewcial Shop Hop dates are April 1 - May 31, 2023.

Our Sewing Sewcial Showcase will be Friday, May 12th at 7pm CST on our Facebook page.

Sewing Sewcial is an Online ShopHop Hosted by 12 shops from all across the country!
All 12 participating shops have chosen a quilt block for this event featuring our custom-made Batiks.
These 9 inch Quilt Blocks are pre-cut for ease and accuracy. Block kits, which include your pattern, will be available for $7.99, with shipping included at no additional cost. Each shop has also created a one-of-a-kind finishing kit that features all 12 quilt blocks.

Our Block - Sun Conure Parakeet block

The Sun Conure (or Sun Parrot) is very similar to our shop. The Sun Conure lives mostly in Northeastern South America and is colored bright yellow and orange. Of course, you’ll also find a splash of green, blue, black, and white. These birds love daily interaction and attention. They are very sociable, playful, affectionate and gentle. They remind us of the sun – bright and beautiful

Each shop will also offer a finishing kit! Our Owner, Carol Britt & employee Diann Meadows have designed a gorgeous finishing kit called Sunny Feathers.

The finished size is 73.5" x 86". The warm citrus colors are sunshine in fabric form!

This program is very near a dear and dear to our hearts. This is not just a shophop between  shop owners, these women are real life friends! 

These women are the movers and shakers of the sewing industry. When we all come together, the synergy is formidable. We freely share quilting and business ideas, help one another solve problems that come up, and even share our quilt samples. This may sound like a quality group of business contacts, but to us, it is so much more.

Over the years, we have become far more than mere business acquaintances: We have become friends. The closeness we share extends beyond our businesses. Our friendships have remained strong through successes and struggles. Each of these ladies is always ready to lend a happy ear in times of prosperity and a shoulder to cry on in times of difficulty.  Our closeness stems from a kinship not only as shop owners, but also as creative individuals; there is art and color woven into everything we do.

36 products

36 products