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All products on this page were featured in our Wednesday live sale. You can find the video from our live sale on our Facebook page. You can still watch and order even if you don't use Facebook.

Juanita & Chloe are a Grandmother and Granddaughter duo who have been a part of our shop for many years now. Juanita is a lifelong customer of Batiks Etcetera and once she retired from her career, she became an employee of the shop as well. Chloe has been coming to the shop with her grandmother since she was old enough to remember and has always loved being here at Batiks Etcetera. Once she was old enough, she became an employee also. Carol Britt and all of the employees here at Batiks Etcetera instilled a love of quilting into Chloe at a very young age, and she feels very fortunate to be a part of the Batiks Etcetera Family. Carol, Chloe and Juanita are so thrilled to invite you into the beautiful world of Batiks Etcetera And Sew What Fabrics.  

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26 products

26 products