Brown Bag Mystery 2022 Print Bag

Brown Bag Mystery 2022 Print Bag #34 Vibrant Fall


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This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE border fabric.

The Brown Bag Mystery To The Point Quilt kit includes 7 3/4 yards of 100% cotton batik or printed cotton fabric and the cutting instructions. This year's Brown Bag Mystery Quilt will finish 55in x 75in before optional borders. There will be some leftover fabric to use in a scrappy border. Traditional quilt elements are combined to make an interesting design. The cutting instructions will prepare you to start sewing as soon as the first clue is released.

The first clue is available on March 18, International Quilt Day. The other five will be available every two weeks: April 4, April 15, April 29, May 13, and May 27. The last clue is the assembly instructions. Clues will be mailed on the day before copies are available to be picked up in the store.

Two rulers are necessary for this project: Creative Grids Triangle Squared ruler and Creative Grids Perfect Rectangle ruler. The Creative Grids 5 1/2in Square ruler is also strongly recommended. You will love having these rulers and several other projects using them will be offered.

A new private Facebook group for participants will be established by February 12. Karen Montgomery, our mystery quilt designer, will do a Clue Video for each clue available on Clue Day. It will be posted at midnight on the Friday before Clue Day. This will give you enough information for completing that clue and lots of tips and techniques along the way. A printed clue may be picked up at your shop on Clue Day. We will be mailing clues to all participants this year unless other arrangements are made. Clues are mailed the day before Clue Day.

Share your fabrics, choices, progress, and questions with other participants across the US and Canada on our private Facebook group. You will receive instructions on joining the group with your Brown Bag. Share the fun!