Bali Wedding Star Class - 4/09-7/16/21

Bali Wedding Star Class - 4/09-7/16/21


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Instructor: Lucille Amos

Fridays, June 18th & July 16th, 9:30am to 4:30pm

This popular design uses 2-1/2" Strips to create Ring Sets and foundation paper piecing for a perfect piecing outcome. Finished quilt size is 80" x 80". Our classes will last all day with a lunch break. They are taught by Certified Instructor Lucille Amos. Lucille is a patient, thorough, kind instructor. She loves Judy Niemeyer designs and is great at making them doable for all of us! We are happy to help you pick fabrics for your quilt.

General Class Supplies

Pattern – Bali Wedding Star
6 x 12 ruler
6 x 24
Glue stick (any kind)
Glue pen (Sewline or Fons & Porter)
Iron, ironing board small if facility does not supply them
Cutting mat – medium
Rotary cutter with sharp blade
Seam ripper
Needles – sharps size 70
Sewing machine with quarter inch foot and preferably a snap on table that attaches to your sewing machine.

Paper piecing supplies

12” add a quarter ruler
Flower pins
Zip lock bags – large 3 to 5
Purple thang (or any other stiletto you use)
High quality thread
Glue stick
Large paper clips
Template plastic to make a fold template – 3” x 12”
Glue pen
Scotch tape


  1. First Class – Bring zip lock bags labeled Bag 1, Bag 2, Bag 3, Bag 4 and Bag 5  with all of your 2 ½ inch strip sets for this session.   We will learn how to construct the Unit A and Unit B strip sets. Please have all of your sewing papers cut and place Unit A sewing papers in Bag 1; and Unit B

Sewing papers in Bag 2. 

First Class, if time allows  –  Refer to Chapter 2, Group 2 on page 8 and page 9 of the cutting instructions.  You will need to cut the number of 10” x 42” strips for the size project listed

On page 10 – line 8.  For the 80” x 80” quilt, you will need 24 strips or 4 from each of the 6


  If you are doing a different  size; refer to Line 8 on the cutting chart on page 10for the number of strips needed for your quilt.  After you have cut your strips, cross cut them into 10 ½” pieces.    Refer to Line 9 on page 10 for the number of pieces for your quilt size.   This can be done after first class.  You will need to have these strips for the 2nd class.

You may make more copies of the CDS and CMS Template Layout Sheets on a copying machine.

You will learn how to use Template sheets to cut your fabric in class. DO NOT CUT TEMPLATE LAYOUT SHEETS APART UNTIL THERE IS FABRIC UNDER THEM.

  1. Second class -  You will select your corner squares at this time if you have not already done so. (1 dark & 2 mediums)

                Second Class – Bring to class fabric for your dark star points.  Refer to Line 14 on page 10 for the number of required strips.  7 – 10” for 80 x 80 quilt.  Cross cut the strips into 7 x 10 pieces.  Refer to Line 15 on page 10 for the number of required pieces.  39 – for 80 x 80 quilt.

                Second Class – Bring to class fabric for medium star points.  The strips for medium star fabrics are cut 10 x 42.  Refer to Line 20 on page  10 for the number of strips to cut from each of the eight colors.  Cross cut the strips into 7 x 10 pieces.  Refer to Line 21 on page 10 for the number of pieces to cut from each color.


  1. Third Class

You will earn how to construct the CDS and CMS units.

You will learn how to construct the Melon star, M units

You will learn how to add the CDS and CMS units to the A and B arc with curved piecing

You will learn how to add the remaining corner squares to the CMS/B units.

     3a.       Bring all your completed components to this session.  


You will learn how to complete a block with the Melons

We will talk about laying out all the blocks into your quilt.

Please read over pattern before class and decide what size quilt you want to make.  If you are making the 80 x 80 quilt; decide if you want to square it up; and purchase fabric accordingly.  You will not need any more foundation papers other than what is in your box if you decide to square up the quilt.

When selecting your strip sets, the more fabric colors you use the more beautiful it will be.    Judy has on the market now 2 ½ inch strips designed for wedding ring quilts.  Your quilt shop can order them for you.


Judy has designed a wedding ring set of rulers.  I strongly recommend  you purchase this;  it is very helpful and helps you to be more accurate in your cutting.  This ruler is made by Creative Grids and your quilt shop can order it for you.


Questions:  Lucille Amos – 336-643-7924 or

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