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Brown Bag Mystery Quilt Kit - BATIK FABRIC


The Brown Bag Mystery Quilt kit includes 6 yards of 100% cotton batik fabric and cutting instructions. (See related products below if you prefer printed cotton.) This Brown Bag Mystery Quilt will finish 48in x 72in before optional borders. It is simple piecing that produces an interesting design.

The first clue is available on March 16, International Quilt Day. The other four will be available every two weeks: March 30, April 13, 27, and May 11. For a $5 (US) or $10 (International) charge for all clues, we can mail the clues to you. Clues will be mailed to customers who sign up for mail delivery on the day that the clues are released (not earlier).

A facebook group for participants has been established. You can share your fabrics, choices, progress, and questions with other participants across the US and Canada. We need the email address you used to sign up for your facebook account to add you to this group. If that email is different than used for this order, please put the email in the comment section. You will have to accept the invitation to be active in the group.

We will have an unveiling on May 11 at 10am to show the finished quilt and any variations. You will receive a class discount on that day and can pick borders, binding, and backing. We will have design walls available and fun snacks!

Please indicate your colorstory selections below - feel free to select more than one!

Please note: The first item listed below is the charge for mailing the clues. If we are mailing internationally, please increase the quantity to 2 ($10). If you want to pick up your clues in the shop, please make a note at checkout and we will refund $5 from your order.

Brown Bag Mystery Quilt Kit - BATIK FABRIC


Brown Bag Mystery Quilt Kit - BATIK FABRIC

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Brown Bag Mystery Quilt Kit - BATIK FABRIC

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Brown Bag Mystery Quilt Kit - BATIK FABRIC

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0.5 yd minimum order on fabric; order in 0.125 yd increments. Fabric is listed with per-yard price.

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