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Beginner Bargello Class - 02/22/20


Instructor: Barbara Hartlage

Saturday, February 22, 2020, 9:30am to 4:30pm

Choose from the Diamond Wall, Twin Diamond, or Bargello Peaks Bargello patterns. Barbara will guide you through these beautiful quilts and make them much easier to do than they appear. Bargello Quilts are classics. It’s time for you to make one, too!

  • Supply List
  • Students should pick 1 of 3 patterns:

    1. Bargello Diamond Wall
    2. Twin Diamond
    3. Bargello Peaks


    Each pattern has its own fabric requirements: A jelly roll or fabric from a bolt may be used.

    1. Bargello Diamond Wall requires 1/4 yd (6") of 10 different fabrics. If a jelly roll is used, the student needs to assure that there are 2 identical strips of each of the 10 colors.
    2. Twin Diamond requires 1/3 yd (12") of 20 different fabrics. If a jelly roll is chosen you will need 4 identical strips of each color. Two jelly rolls will probably be needed.  The Hoffman Bali Poppies contain 20 strips each and would work great: 
    3. Bargello Peaks requires 1/4 yd (6") of 20 different fabrics. A jelly roll would require 2 identical strips of 20 fabrics.